Marcos & Florencia are argentinian tango dancers. They are truly representatives of a young artist’s generation who had made of Tango, which is the artistic expression that defines their country, not just a passion that has united them, but also a talented professional career.

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Marcos and Florencia

Second place winners in The Buenos Aires City Tango Championship, 2015.
Finalists World Championship of Tango , Buenos Aires, 2017 and 2018.
Florencia and Marcos formed a partnership in 2013, after more than a 15 years  of individual development and exploration of tango. They studied with the grand masters of argentine tango, achieving a uniquely elegant, refined style of dance, combining elements of traditional tango, with its roots in tango salón, with techniques incorporated through the study of tango escénico, while maintaining the fundamental essence of tango, an intimate connection with the partner through the embrace.
As teachers, they are characterized by their methodical and punctilious technical elements in order to be comfortable, elegant and in constant connection with the partner, always pointing at the importance of both roles in the couple.
Since 2014 Florencia and Marcos have taught at the prestigious Escuela Argentina de Tango in Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina and around the world. They were members of the Corporación Tangos Alumnos, and they also were regulars in shows at the historic Café Tortoni in Buenos Aires. In 2015 they were invited to join the Espacio Nacional de Tango Argentino, an educational institution that aims to preserve the knowledge and experience of tango as a cultural art form, directed by Silvana Grill. That same year they won second place in the Campeonato de Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, a milestone achievement in their dance career. 
They continue to explore and refine their understanding of dance, seeking to achieve the most accurate transmission of the roots of tango.

Florencia Borgnia

Florencia was born in the neighbourdhood of Almagro, in Buenos Aires City (Argentina). When she was a child she studied ballet. Later, throughout her adolescence she complemented her artistic training with Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Theatre, Guitar and Singing. She started studying Tango in the earlier 2000 at the Carlos Copello´s School, in Abasto (Buenos Aires). Since then, she had trained with most of the best Masters of Tango Argentino.

Marcos Pereira

10. marcos soloMarcos  is originally from Trelew city (Chubut, Argentina). In 1999, he started his formation in the Norma Vittores´ dance Academy in that city, with the “Chubut Tango” Ballet,  with which he had the chance to dance in many different stages in the province of Chubut. In 2008, once settled in Buenos Aires, he continued studying of the hand of many of the best Masters.


We offer different kinds of classes aimed at the needs of each person



Regular group lessons are aimed at a group of students through the work of a particular topic or theme in each class. , Or a topic we develop weekly or monthly. The aim is to achieve a constant work and sustained over time , always trying to meet the needs of each student , as well as the group in general.



We orient the study to a small group (3 or 4 couples ) in order to achieve more detailed attention to each student. We approach the study of a particular topic . , As well as any subject that students are interested in working on.



This is the most personalized way of studying. We focus exclusively  to what the students need , always trying to maximize the possibilities of each student.Whichever mode of studying you choose, or a combination of them , we believe it is from the constancy and perseverance that best results are always achieved.


Whatever the mode selected for the study of Tango, or a combination of them, we believe it is from the constancy and perseverance that best results are achieved and always.


San Miguel Tango Festival 2020 (Mexico)
Valentango 2020 EE.UU
Long Island 2016
San Miguel Tango Festival 2020 (Mexico)
Astoria Tango Club, Abril 2017
Astoria Tango Club – New York 
Valentango 2020 EE.UU
La Nacional, NYC, Dec 2016
Long Island – 2016


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